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Amplifier Magazine on Better Weather

“Last time out, The Heavy Blinkers impressed all serious pop aficionados with their grasp of baroque/chamber pop with their knowing nods in the general direction of Brian Wilson, Phil Spector, Lee Hazelwood and Burt Bacharach. However, if there were a problem with the previous eponymous release, it would be a lack of a distinctive song from amongst the bunch. From a cursory listen, it is clear that the group has addressed this difficulty with Better Weather. Kudos to Greg Fry, Trevor Forbes, Ruth Minnikin and especially the songwriting team of Jason MacIsaac and Andrew Watt for assembling a compelling set of songs that stands up far better than many of their so-called orchestral pop contemporaries (e.g. The High Llamas, Eric Matthews etc). Immediately persuasive is the trio of “Baby Smile,” “Far As You Are” and “Heartstrings” – the former two, impossibly jaunty, sonically textural and sunshine-y ambient; the latter, poignantly poised and touchingly fragile with tunes that will resonate long and hard in your mind. Also of note, the moments when Ruth Minnikin steps up to the lead microphone to deliver vocals that evoke Dusty Springfield at her finest – witness the melancholy beauty of “I Used to be a Design” and “Lazy in Love.” Add to this the wordless wonder of “Malmo” – resplendent with gospel choir and the celebratory bookends “It’s Finally Done” and what you have is a minor classic that lives up to its illustrious inspirations.”

-Kevin Mathews

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